For trade eaglw w/ 2 vips with package A and B 18 lottos 3 ec char complete accessories Trade sa  Vip Predator at may VIP char!

Eagle 2nd class w/package A and B

2 VIP - Kukri beast/B.C Axe Beast
3 Char - Spop X/ Butcher/ Lady Swat
Barret Imperial
M4a1 Dual magazine
2 M37 Stakeout slug
M14EBR Camo
An94 Arnuzo
Scarlight Gold
M4a1 X camo
Ultimax 100 Leopard
Ak47 Buster
at Marami pang lotto guns 

Knife black
Jungle Knife
S&W Pistol
Cop 357
Wide grenade
E valentines grenade

Complete Accessories


Magpamidman sakin para iwas scam: