This is a simple trick how you can convert your GCash funds into Gameclub Ecoin. As we know right know we cannot buy Ecoin directly from GCash since its not available yet.

First step is to convert your GCash balance into cellphone Load. This is for Smart and TNT only.
If you want to buy 300 Ecoin then you need 320 load since 20 is Gamex fee for buying Ecoin.

Next go to and click Epins

Go to POPULAR and then click Crossfire

Select how much Ecoin you want to buy, and there you can see how much load you need including the fee. Example 50 Ecoin is 55 Load.

Then click buy and enter your Smart TNT number and the click proceed.

You will receive a text message with a pin code. Put it in the form and then click submit.

Now you will see this page with your Ecoin code.

You can also watch video Tutorial below